Cumin infused Kale

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My iron levels are currently on the low side so I knew I had to run to the store and stock up on Kale.  Most people don’t get a sufficient amount of dark leafy greens and I’m definitely trying to both convince others to eat them as well as myself.  

I’m talking about our bitter and often tough friends Kale, spinach, collard greens and chard.  I have experimented with many recipes and it seems that these veggies always need to be at least slightly cooked (for both texture and for the body to digest properly).  I’ve also found they do well with seasoning, otherwise you generally have a limp, tasteless mass of chewy leaves.  After flipping through my recipe books I found one from “Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone” that tastes fairly sophisticated.

Mixed Greens with Cumin and Paprika (Or my version Cumin infused Kale)


12 cups mixed greens – kale, broccoli rabe, chard or beet, escarole, mustard green


4 large garlic cloves

1 cup chopped parsley

1 cup chopped cilantro

3 Tbsp olive oil

2 tsp paprika ( I did without due to the deadly nightshade allergy)

2 tsp cumin

For Garnish: oil-cured black olives ( I used regular green ones), wedges of lemon and tomato (again you can defintely do without the tomatoe if allergic)


1) discard any inedible parts of the green, such as kale stems and tough ribs.  Set the leaves in a steamer – the tougher ones on the bottom, the most tender on top – and cook until tender.  Or boil each type seperately in salted water, then drain.  Chop into pieces about one inch square.

2) Pound the garlic with 1/2 tsp salt in a mortar until smooth, then work in the parsley and cilantro pounding them briefly to release their flavours.

3) Warm the oil with the paprika and cumin in a wide skillet over medium heat until they release their fragrance.  Don’t let them burn!  Stir in the garlic, then add the greens and cook until any extra moisture has evaporated.  Taste for salt.  Pile into a dish and garnish with olives, lemon and tomato.  Don’t forget to squeeze those lemons onto the kale before eating!



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Tasty Treats?

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I never liked marshmallows but I certainly do miss rice krispie squares.  Just like the commercials, I remember mixing up many batches of those tasty squares with my mother and my older brother.  I have such fond memories of sitting and staring through the microwave door watching the butter/marshmallow mixture melt down in yummy gooey goodness.  But those days are over and all I can think about is my disgust towards gelatin and how incredibly painful the effects of preservatives and sugar are on my body.  Perhaps that is why I have so many health problems now. *sigh*.  

So you can imagine my surprise and absolute joy when I was leaving Bulk Barn with my bag of cornmeal and found these by the cash….


These rice krispie squares are vegan and gluten free!  I couldn’t wait to come home and devour these even though I knew it could mean a potential headache (there is some cane sugar in the ingredient list).  

After devouring a couple without hardly any attention paid, I slowed down and really absorbed the flavour.

If you are looking for rice krispie squares, these are definitely not spot on, however, they come close.  They are very, very sweet (and this is coming from someone with a  major sweet tooth), and they have this delightful nutty flavour that kicks in halfway through.  They are also nice and crisp so you won’t miss that aspect of the old fashioned squares.  My only complaint would have to be the price ($5.49 CAN per box which contains 8 squares) and the lack of “buttery-ness”.  For that perfect rice krispie square I suggest making your own vegan marshmallows and from there, making your own squares, however this certainly is a quick and sweet treat!

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