Zucchini noodles with pesto sauce

April 15, 2008 at 5:19 am (Raw) (, , , , , , )





1 large zucchini

1/2 -1 tbps cold pressed olive oil

1 large handful of fresh basil leaves 

1 large handful toasted or raw pine nuts

1/2 tsp salt

pinch or two of pepper



1 tbsp toasted sesame seeds

pinch of course sea salt

1/2 tsp kelp powder



Wash and peel the zucchini.  Take your vegetable peeler and keep peeling it to make long thin strips.  To make this recipe raw, leave as is.  To make it easier to digest or for a semi-hot meal, you can lightly fry the “noodles” in a pan or you can heat them in the microwave for about 10-15 seconds.  NO MORE OR THEY WILL SHRIVEL!

Next put the basil, oil, salt, pepper, and pine nuts in a food processor or blender and blend very well.  Once blended, mix with the noodles or serve on top.  

To make a “parmesan” which is loaded with good stuff, clean out that food processor and grind the sesame seeds, salt and kelp together until very well ground.   Sprinkle on top of the zucchini and pesto :)


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